Multi Digital Token Wallet

We are a company that offers Single login with multiple digital Token wallets. Currently Enabled with Bitcoin & Ether

Online Digital Token Trading Portal

We are a company that Provides Sell and Buy Ethereum in India  With your own Fiat Currency. For your convenience We provide this solution in Android – IoS – Web

Invest and EARN !!!

If you have Digital tokens which you want to hold for couple of months, and you want to see that they gets increased along with Rates. This Service is Just for you.

Check out for PLANS time to time, We  might have something really interesting available for you.

One Account For All Tokens

Infinite possibilities. Endless opportunities


We strongly believe that in the future many assets and documentations will be digitized and transacted on a blockchain technology. Hashchains’s Developer Team’s constant efforts of innovation and track record of solving the most difficult technical, security problems associated with blockchains uniquely positions us to help clients to create a solution that works for them in the real world. We are having our expertise in making personalized  BLOCKCHAIN  INTERFACES suitable to the businesses. We have not bound our self to get stick to only Proof of Transaction or Proof of work. We are a Blockchain Security Company.


… or  if you have any questions, complaints and for any customized solutions related to BLOCKCHAIN. Please do not hesitate to contact us.