About Us

Hashchains Technologies LLP, is basically a group of services related to distributed network included into one roof and connecting each other as chains but in Encrypted format, which is usually known as Hash. That’s why we are named as Hashchains.


We don’t have any other registered office until further notice and we do not represent any cloud mining activity for any of the Digital Token. We are based in India, Registered under Indian Laws and We have our end to end operations based within Indian Territories only. We may have Licencee in different countries. How ever, for each country we assign only one licence to run operations in different countries. Please be advised not to get involved in to the similar name websites or applications. Always check, SSL Certificate before accessing our website, if it is not certified, Please be advised and stay out it. We as Hashchains Technologies LLP, does not entertain or responsible for any such claims or damages.

We breed Technology, we takes neonatal and pediatric care of it, We provide schooling to it, we train it to earn and survive and we help them grew up more and more along with us.

We creates and configures the software which needs defined hardware to run a software over distributed network and to transits encrypted data through Internet via distributed network

We strongly believe that in the future many assets and documentations will be digitized and transacted on a Blockchain Technology. Our Developer Team’s constant efforts of innovation and track record of solving the most difficult technical, security problems associated with Blockchains, uniquely positions us to help clients create a solution that works for them in the absolute materiality.

We are having our expertise in making personalized Blockchain Interfaces as upon the requirement of the business and have not bound our self to get stick to Proof of Transaction or Proof of work.

We are Blockchain Security Company, We are headquartered in Prahladnagar, Ahmedabad, India


APR 2016

Offline Trading of Digital Tokens – Oxybit Tradelink & Umbrella Corporation

This was the time when we started our company. We had no idea how far we would go, we weren’t even sure that we would be able to survive for a few years. What drove us to start the company was the understanding of the Quality Delivery and Quality Services.

But One THING we were sure that if we will deliver, WE WILL DELIVER it with Quality which can hardly be matched by someone

SEP 2016

Concept of deploying Technology

This was the month, when I meet Divyesh Kamothi and his commitment towards Technology, We sit back together and shared our thoughts, vision, understanding of the technology. Then we committed different kind of R & Ds for each other to create a mission.

OCT 2016

Planning of Deployment of the Services

By this time we were a well known name within the industry. Our Mission was decided, Our R & Ds were on a verge of completion. So we planned our Strategies to Deploy Service and supportive Finance. We hired couple of more eggheaded within our team and started working on the Deployment of the services.

Dec 2016

Strategies & Executions

Our journey has only brought us higher.
Our Achievements were towards our predictions.
So we decide to finally execute the plan and planned strategies to deploy services with available funds and resources.

Apr 2017


after all efforts, Finally the day has come and we are pleased to announce our services to Consumers including Investors and Traders, Industries looking to implement Blockchain Technology & e-Commerce looking forward the solution to accept Digital Token

Aug 2017

Introducing Ethereum Trading

For the first time ever in India we pleased to announce Ether trading platform for the Indian users.