Are you manufacturing Mining Machines ?

No, Hashchains Technologies LLP is just a Promotional partner of Umbrella Corporation for selling Mining Machines.

Can this machines Mine Bitcoins ?

No, Bitcoin required ASIC Miners when we are promoting GPU Miners.

So what kind of Coins can be Mined on this ?

It can mine ETHER, ETHER-Classic, ZCash, Monero etc…

Do you provide Cloud Mining Services ?

No, Unfortunately we provide only machines which can be directly use and plunged by you only. as of now we do not offer cloud mining services.


Which wallets do you provide ?

We provide wallets of Bitcoin (BTC), Etherum (ETH) & INR/PLN wallets.

Can I buy digital tokens from your wallets ?

No, to trade any digital tokens, you will need to transfer your desired amount of digital tokens in to TRADES from WALLETS.

How can I transfer when I cannot see any option of transferring ?

You will need to go to TRADES and you need to click on Transfer To / From WALLETS respectively.

Can I send and receive for INR/PLN ?

No, Reason for providing INR / PLN wallets is just meant for deposit and withdrawal with our system in Fiat Balance. so that you can transfer your balance within our services according to your needs and you can have proper transparency of your record  for the future references.

Do you have any other digital token wallets ?

Unfortunately.  as of now we can only offer wallets services for Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Is your Ether wallet compatible with ERC 20 ?

No, however we are working on it.

Why there is no option of increasing Fees while sending transaction ?

We have a unique feature which gives you access to control number of confirmations which could be amended by you according to your needs. However We prefer at least 3 confirmations, we are giving you access to send transactions with even Zero confirmations so that your receiver can receive that transaction immediately.

Please Note : Hashchains Technology LLP or any of its partner is NOT responsible for any double spending situations. Sending transaction below 3 conformation is entirely on senders own risk.


Why don't you provide any other digital token trading other then Ethereum ?

We strongly believe that Ethereum network is the strongest and the most demanding and challenging Technology amongst currently available Technoligy into the distributed network industry. We felt that Ethereum should also have rights to be exchanged again Fiat balances and should be available to all.

We have plans to provide this exchange services for couple of more ALTCOINS in the nearest future.

Why not Bitcoin ? Are you against Bitcoin ?

No not at all, since Bitcoin was the first of its kind no one related to this industry can hate or could be against Bitcoin. However, we felt that people already have enough options to buy Bitcoins but they don’t have any or limited options to buy it in most user friendly environment.

Do you provide exchange from BTC to ALTCOINS or ALTCOINS to BTC ?

No, we currently do not provide that feature since we are targeting that maximum people who are even unaware about crypto currency should also have access to it.

Why only Ethereum?

Currently only Ethereum is the stabilised, growing and sustainable digital token according to us. It is also a pocket friendly for Generous People.

Why can't I buy since i already have balance in my INR/PLN wallet ?

While you are in TRADES, you need to go to your Fiat currency and you will need to click on the plus sign ( + ) shown over there. Then you need to click on transfer form WALLETS then only you will be able to initiate  transfer which will allow you to the access in TRADES.

Why I cannot sell my Ether while I already have Ether in my wallet ?

Just like Fiat balance to maintain transparency you have to transfer your Ether from your wallet by clicking on plus sign ( + )  located in to the Trades -> Ether.

What are the fees you charge for trading ?

Rate shown on the TRADES are the final amount we will be dealing with you including our charges and applicable Taxes.

Is there any limit for Deposit or Withdrawal ?

All deposits are currently unlimited. However, to control inflation and security we allow only five Ether to be withdrawn for every 24 hours for every user. any withdrawal request more then five Ether will be rejected.

Where will I get my withdrawal ?

you will get your withdrawals only into your Ether wallet provided by us from there you may wish to send it to anyone.

What is your Turn Around Time ( TAT ) ?

We will mostly get beck to you within 12 hours but we have kept maximum 24 hours to get back to you subject to national and public holidays.


What is this product all about ?

Just like you put your money into bank as deposit and you get interest as reward we as Hashchains Technologies LLP provides deposit contract service with the name VALUES.

Why I can not see any plans ?

Plans are subject to the requirement of the company when we will require it we will open a plan and gather funds. Once we will receive required amount of fund we will close the plan. Keep on checking About our plans.

What if I have both plan and after you accept it, you close the plan ?

Whatever plans are active and accepted can not be cancelled until the contract period closing the plan simply means that we will not take further investments according to that plan.

Can I withdrawal my contract during contract period if I am happy to lose my earning from that plans so far ?

No, unfortunately our contracts are non-revocable by either parties. Once contract as applied an accepted it will end only at the contract ends date or full maturity period.

Why don't you have your ICO or coin of your own ?

We believe the purpose of the coin has to be some unique data to be placed on Distributed Network. and the purposes, we have chosen contracting path, we do not feel that those datas could be put on Distributed Network. These purposes are meant for the fund raising for the mutual benefits.