Why are Crypto currencies being a smarter investment than Stocks, Mutual funds, and Fixed deposits?

Before we begin telling you why crypto currencies is a smarter and better option for investment, let’s take a look at each of these investment alternatives.

Stocks usually take the shape of common stock or a preferred stock. Stocks generally conveys voting rights that can be used in corporate decisions. Preferred stocks do not carry voting rights but are legally authorized to receive a level of shares. Shareholders do not own corporations, they own shares given by corporations. If a shareholder goes bankrupt, they cannot sell the companies properties to pay off their creditors because the shares that shareholders own belong to the corporation and the corporation owns the assets.
A mutual fund is managed and paid for by many investors to obtain collateral. Mutual funds are usually related to collective investment vehicles that are controlled and sold to the public on a daily basis.
Fixed deposits are a financial tool provided by banks which provides investors with a greater rate of interest than a common savings account till’ the given maturity date.

As you can see stocks, mutual funds, and fixed deposits are investments that are shared with others and are not your own. Which means there’s a greater risk of losing your financial investments. Whereas with crypto currencies there is minimal to no risk of price increase. All currencies are controlled by their corresponding owner. This is what at times leads to price increase in the worth of currencies since governments keep reproducing more money. When a currency loses its worth its selling power goes down which leads to paying more to obtain the products. With crypto investing the system is enduring and infinite and there is no need to worry about the money ending. By 2050, it has been predicted that crypto currencies will be in rotation to supply for 500 people internationally.

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